Models Available:  
  Single Output
  Double Output
  Triple Output
  Multiple Output
  SMPS technology - compact, light weight, efficient
SMPS with precise CVCC characteristics is used. Float/Boost voltages are factory set for < 100W and for > 100W, they are user settable by pots. Maximum charging current (Imax) is internally limited. The unit automatically decides FLOAT or BOOST mode by sensing battery charging current
  Simple float charger with CVCC characteristics or Automatic float-boost charger
  Float/Boost LED indication. All battery parameters factory set
  MOSFET & UFR diodes used - increases reliability and efficiency
  Latest state-of-the-art current mode PWM control
  Special features can be added - like tapered charging, battery over- temperature shutdown, computer controlled battery charging
   Portable Instruments / Equipment / Video Camera / UPS Batteries / Vehicle Battery / Shooting Equipment.
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