Models Available:  
  Single Output
  Double Output
  Triple Output
  Multiple Output
  This Battery Backup SMPS consist of SMPS & DC - DC Converter:  
  When mains is present it gives power to DC - DC conveter and at the same time it charges the battery. In case of mains failure battery is takeover with zero change over time which ensures no loss or corruption of data. It also has a built-in battery cut off to prevent the battery from deep discharge thus increases the battery life.
  Output short circuit protection.
  Overpower / over voltage protection.
  Built in EMI-RFI filter.
  Input surge current limiting
  Soft start.
  Low output ripple & noise.
  High efficiency.
  Industrial grade components.
  Low working temperature.
  Battery low cutoff.
  Auto changer over from mains to battery.
  Highly reliable & cost effective.
  Available in 6V, 12V, 24V battery versions.
  Easy to connect.
  One year warranty.
  Technical Specifications - SMPS:  
  Input voltage - 230 VAC (90 V - 270 V AC)
  Output voltage - As per customers requirement
  Line/Load & Cross Regulations - Better than 1 %
  Output ripple & noise - less than 1 % of the rated output
  Efficiency - Better than 85%
  Operating temperature range -15°C to 70°C
  Safety features:
  • Output short circuit
  • Overload protection
  • Reverse polarity
  • Over voltage / Thermal shutdown
  Technical Specifications - DC - DC Converter:  
  Input voltage - 6V, 12V or 24V battery  
  Output voltage - As per customer’s requirement  
  Line / Load & Cross regulations - Better then 1%  
  Output ripple & noise - Less than 1% of the rated output  
  Efficiency - better than 70%  
  Operating temperature - 15°C to 70°C  
  Safety feature:  
  • Output short circuit
  • Battery Low cutoff
  • Indications
  Security Systems / Bio Medical Equipment / Instrumentation & Control Industries / Tele Communications
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